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Available only to Custom Rod Builders. MHX blanks are not available as factory production rods, they are only available to custom rod builders. This exclusive access provides the custom rod builder with a lineup of blanks which are above and beyond what can be offered by mass production manufacturers. When using an MHX blank, custom rod builders can offer a truly custom rod without competition from a rod factory.

Application Guide. Each MHX blank is designed and produced for specific applications and uses. The design information is listed along with each blank to provide the custom rod builder with usage and application suggestions.

Quality Control. Under a 7 point inspection system, blanks are checked for straightness, butt and tip diameter, weight & length - and are deflected to confirm correct power and blank action. This industry leading detailed inspection assures custom rod builders receive a blank which exceed their expectations.

Individual Serial Numbers. Once it has passed the quality control stage, each MHX blank is assigned an individual serial number. This assures that every MHX rod you build, fish, buy or sell can be tracked throughout it's life cycle from end to end with no concern about warranty issues.

Limited Lifetime Transferrable Warranty. MHX again sets the standard with our exclusive limited lifetime transferable warranty. Each rod blank can be registered online with its individual serial number by either the custom rod builder or the end user of the rod. When registered, the blanks unique serial number identifies that rod blank to registrant. If the registrant sells or gives the rod blank or finished rod to another person, the warranty can be transferred to the new owner – an industry first! In order to activate your warranty, you must register your MHX rod blank. Warranty claims will not be accepted without a valid serial number on file.

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Every MHX rod blank comes backed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty. To get started, just fill out the registration form and get back to what you do best -- fishin'.

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Coming from all walks of life, our Prostaffers share certain universal qualities. Like being living proof of the power of MHX.

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Our 2013 product catalog includes new and notable additions such as all-new models for Surf, Musky, Ice and Spey/Switch fishin'.

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