MHX Elite-X Rod Blanks Dominate Expectations

MHX Elite-X Rod Blanks Dominate Expectations

The Elite-X Series marks the new Flagship rod blank of MHX and features the most technologically advanced rod blanks yet.

Elite-X Introduces a New Era of Rod Blank Design

MHX is an established leader in the evolution of fishing rod design and now more than ever, our rod designers are pushing to innovate the industry one fishing application at a time. In fact, over the last decade, we have been developing, testing, and manufacturing our most advanced rod blanks to date.

Each new Elite-X blank incorporates Mitsubishi Rayon 12K High Modulus Fiber of 57 million modulus with a tensile strength of over 442 ksi, which makes these blanks lighter and more sensitive than previously possible.

The material design of the Elite-X results in an enhanced feel while working lures, detecting bites, and setting the hook.

Plus, tying these materials together is a refined Nano Resin System that outworks other brands to better protect the Elite-X blanks from compression and impact failures common in rival high modulus blanks. The state-of-the-art Nano Resin System of the MHX Elite-X Series ensures more strength where rival high mods simply can’t compete.

Together, this cutting-edge blank design inspires the most technologically advanced fishing rod blanks to ever reach the market.

Where Rod Tech Meets Fishing Applications

Sparking a new age in performance driven design, the Elite-X blanks are truly the best of the best and feature an exclusive, top tier performance that easily bests competing high modulus blanks.

But building a superior product, like the Elite-X, doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, the development of this stellar series took close to a decade to complete because of all the rigorous testing along the way.

From MHX Pro Staff and Field Staff, to more local and specialized fisherman across the country, a range of experienced anglers were able to fish the Elite-X and in return, offer their advice and feedback. MHX rod designers then used their collective ideas to retool and refine the specifications of the Elite-X rod blanks to bring only the best in rod specs to each different application.

Born from the desire to design the most dominant MHX blanks across a variety of fishing applications, the debut of the Elite-X turns this dream into a tangible series of rod blanks.

Basically, the Elite-X Series began by taking three of the most popular and effective MHX application series: the Spin Jig, the Mag Taper, and the Popping, and then demanding, how can we make these blanks even better?

Reducing diameters and overall weight, maximizing sensitivity and durability, and dialing in rod specs beyond belief, the Elite-X Series rod blanks target fishing applications with extreme precision to bring the most effective design and performance to anglers everywhere.

Spin Jig Elite-X Series Rod Blanks

Known for its clean actions, powerful butt and mid-section, as well as its fast tip flex taper, the Spin Jig Elite-X Series increases the modulus to reduce weight and increase sensitivity, while incorporating the Nano Resin System to boost durability and strength.

Although the original Spin Jig taper came from the Mag Taper, the tips were deemed a little too stiff. MHX rod designers kept the Spin Jig’s powerful butt and mid-section, but adjusted the tip to be slightly softer than the mag bass taper.
This means that the tip is still fast, yet slightly softer to bring even more cross application versatility to the Spin Jig Series.

From inshore saltwater to many freshwater fishing applications, the Elite-X Spin Jig blanks pack the perfect performance. Plus, with the Spin Jig powers ranging from light to medium, anglers can build anything from super light drop shot rods to even rattle trap rods with these Elite-X rod blanks.

The versatility of these Elite-X Spin Jig blanks makes them an excellent option for walleye, panfish, and even bass fishing applications.

Mag Taper Elite-X Series Rod Blanks

Originating from the most well-known bass actions and powers available, the Mag Taper rod blanks have rightfully earned the nickname of the “workhorse series.”

The popularity of the Mag Taper Series comes from its perfect combinations of sensitivity, strength, and versatility across all bass fishing applications. But now with the technological advancements of the Elite-X Series incorporated into the design of the Mag Tapers, MHX releases a whole new monster in the world of bass fishing blanks.

Essentially, the Elite-X Mag Taper blanks are what many bass anglers would deem as, the DEAL.

Tactically increasing the modulus in the Mag Taper models worked to not only enhance the blank’s sensitivity, but also reduce its diameter and weight. Then, retooling those high mod blanks with a refined Nano Resin System allowed designers to strategically maximize their durability and strength.

Maintaining the extremely powerful butt and mid-sections and the fast to extra fast tip flex taper of the original workhorse series—and then retooling each model with the advanced materials of the Elite-X—MHX rod designers were able to dial in each model to the superior performance that our brand demands from fishing rod blanks.

Popping Elite-X Series Rod Blanks

If you’re an angler that’s all about the poppin’ cork or you’re looking to build the perfect walleye fishing rod, the Elite-X Popping Series is the answer for you.

Expertly designed with crisp, clean tips, this series features the ideal actions for working lures paired with the appropriate powers to keep fish hooked when it’s time to fight.

Plus, ranging from 7’0” to 7’6” in length helps the Elite-X Popping Series blanks bring plenty of rod to cast lures further out and then plenty of room to pop them back in.

Boosting the lures’ time in the strike zone and also perfecting its pop along the way, these popping rod blanks are guaranteed to improve the number of strikes, the ability to detect those strikes, and ultimately, lead to more time catching than just fishing.

The Elite-X Signature Platinum Gray Finish

The stunning Platinum Gray Finish of the Elite-X was actually introduced during the later stages of its development. In the initial phases, the Elite-X rod blanks were unfinished. The idea behind the unfinished blanks was to keep unnecessary weight at a minimum.

However, this idea didn’t last long as MHX rod designers discovered the Platinum Gray Finish and compared the weight of the unfinished Elite-X with the finished blanks to find no significant weight increase.

Not only does the finish add only a fraction to the overall weight, the metallic gleam of the Platinum Gray finish is the perfect match for the superior performance of the Elite-X Series.

Catch the Elite-X Series’ Superior Performance

Introducing the most technologically advanced rod blanks available, the MHX Elite-X Series features innovative new materials and enhanced specifications to outperform and outlast rival rod blanks.

No other rod can come close to the performance driven design of the Elite-X Series, and it’s specifications are truly something you have to feel to believe.

Incredibly light, unbelievably sensitive, and strategically strong, each Elite-X rod blank inspires a top tier performance just waiting for you to build.