MHX Launches Native Series Fly Fishing Blanks

MHX Launches Native Series Fly Fishing Blanks

Oviedo, Florida—May 9, 2017— MHX launches the all-new Native Series Fly Rod Blanks to introduce the most thoughtfully developed and designed high-performance fly blanks on the market.

These MHX Native Series fly blanks are true game changers. Engineered to be lightweight with small diameters, each high-performance design in the Native Series comes in cool colors to be your new favorite fly blank. MHX designs and produces each rod blank for specific applications and uses. The design information is listed along with each blank to provide the custom rod builder with usage and application suggestions.

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Whether drifting downstream for trout, hooking up on summer redfish, or even fighting peacock bass, the Native Fly Blanks come in specific weights to maximize your performance in every application.

The 3 and 4 weights meet the needs of any angler fighting small game or fishing in tight quarters. These weights feature moderate actions that increase hook ups and protect the tippet with a deeper flex that sustains a lift set. Great in lighter applications, the 3 and 4 weight fly blanks allow anglers to easily mend line and roll cast in tighter spaces.

The 5 weight adds a little more versatility by coming in either 8’6” or 9’0” lengths. The Native Series 5 weight fly blanks brings the shorter 8’6” option for tighter spaces where casting distance isn’t as important, while the longer 9’0” handles a variety of conditions without any extra weight on the blank or effort in casting.

Popular in light freshwater, both 5 weight fly blanks feature a progressive flex that works to keep the hook in the mouth of fish without any added fatigue to the angler.

The 5 weight comes in either 4 or 6 piece setups.

Mid-range weights, like 6, 7, and 8-weights, offer more length to improve casting the fly line, while also adding more line and lure support even against windy weather. Designed with fast actions, these weights use that fast tip to increase line speed and add more power when fighting fish.

Whether fishing medium to heavy freshwater or light to medium saltwater, the 6, 7, and 8 fly weights are versatile enough for a far superior performance.

The 8 weight is available in either 4 or 6 piece setups.

“When it comes to high-performance fly fishing, the action and quality of these Native Series Fly Blanks will sell themselves.” -MHX Rod Designer Todd Vivian

For traveling convenience, the MHX Native Series fly blanks are available in 4 or 6 piece models, and each model features unique colors selected to coordinate with the desired application. The stunning application colors include Brook Trout, Autumn Red, Storm Cloud, Midnight, Clearwater, Bonefish Silver, Sandy Point, Bluewater, and of course, all models are available in a sharp Satin Black.

Fish MHX is devoted to high-performance fishing and custom rod building. This exclusive engineering provides the custom rod builder with a lineup of blanks which are above and beyond what can be offered by mass production manufacturers.

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