New Elite Pro Series Blanks Out-Fish Expectations

New Elite Pro Series Blanks Out-Fish Expectations

Fishing the New MHX Elite Pro Series

Oviedo, Florida—December 19, 2017— Back by the popular demand for performance excellence, MHX releases the new and improved Elite Pro Series rod blanks retooled with an advanced Nano Resin system that reduces blank diameters while maximizing durability, sensitivity, and performance.

The Elite Pro blank series showcases some of the best rods for targeting specific fishing applications, techniques, and lures with superior sensitivity and strength. Engineered from experience and built with the boosts in performance to match, this EPS line definitely kicks professional performance up a notch.

Born from 50 million modulus Toray fiber and an incredible Nano Resin system, the new EPS blanks feature exciting upgrades to the original line that anglers are definitely going to want to feel and fish for themselves. These EPS blanks are available in assorted actions from Extra Fast and Fast to Moderate Fast, and range in power from light to heavy with multiple combinations in between.

The New EPS Blanks in Action:

Compared to the past blanks, these retooled Elite Pro Series blanks are identified by the "NEPS" part number to signify the addition of the innovative Nano Resin system.

Quickly championed by professional fisherman across both freshwater and inshore competitions, this updated MHX Elite Pro Series sets the new standard in performance, finesse, and feel for rod blanks. Besides the performance driven design of the Series, each EPS blank also comes in a bold satin black finish to back its performance excellence with a strikingly sharp appearance.

When asked about developing the retooled Elite Pro Series blanks, MHX Rod Designer Todd Vivian returns, "What is there to say when you feel so confident about something you have had the opportunity to create?"

He grins and explains, "Truly, hands down the best rod blanks on the market. When you cannot find a competitor’s product that would come close to rivaling it you really need to feel good. There's no 'Hype' about some new exotic fiber or process that doesn’t exist, just true technological enhancements that have allowed us to create a superior product."

MHX designs and produces each rod blank for specific applications and uses. The design information is listed along with each blank to provide the custom rod builder with usage and application suggestions.

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These EPS blanks are fine-tuned for an optimal feel while working baits and setting the hook, and then prove its raw strength when fighting and landing that next big catch.

Boasting reduced diameters without sacrificing any power, the tactical balance and dynamic performance of the MHX Elite Pro blanks is truly unbelievable in your palm.

Build Your New MHX Elite Pro Series Rod 

Whether building an Elite Pro for a worming, a spinnerbait, or an all around spinning rod, or if you're looking to target freshwater and inshore applications, the perfect EPS blank is ready and waiting at an MHX dealer near you!