The Superior Performance of MHX Fishing Grips

The Superior Performance of MHX Fishing Grips

Throughout the design process, MHX honed in on capturing the perfect performance, comfort, and style that could outlast even the toughest weather conditions.

Grab the Performance, Comfort, & Style of MHX Winn Grips!

The MHX WinnDry Fishing Grip bring an unbeatable performance against any weather.

At first, MHX sought out the advice of fishing elite professionals to help designing a grip that anglers can trust whether fishing in rain, snow, or sunshine. Bouncing prototypes between professional anglers and pro staff members alike, MHX used their feedback to engineer grips with a performance potential unlike any other.

Then came the opportunity to collaborate with Winn, a company widely known for their tennis and golf grips. MHX accepted the partnership and soon after, released the performance driven grips that stand up to even the harshest weather.

Catch the Advantages of MHX Winn Grips

Instead of settling for standard EVA, MHX collaborated with Winn and their WinnDry polymer technology to create fishing rod grips up for any challenge.

These MHX WinnDry Grips are made with Winn’s patented WinnDry polymer material along with the highest rating of performance, comfort, and style possible. Providing a tacky, non-slip texture that boosts your feel while fishing in extreme weather conditions, MHX Winn Grips easily outperform other options on the market.

The texture features tactile designs along the grip, which works to guide your hand in place without ever having to look and make sure.

This texture, developed meticulously by MHX and Winn offers anglers the ability to confidently cast knowing they have the upmost control and feel for their rod. In fact, this confidence and control translates to stark increase in casting length and accuracy.

Even in cold and wet climates, these grips excel past expectations without sacrificing an ounce of comfort. With a strategically shaped design that fits into the contours of your palm, MHX Winn Grips add an unmatched comfort to any fishing rod.

By starting wider and then tapering down as the grip extends to the reel seat, this comfortable design performs to control the fight with that big fish and outlast your long hours on the water.

Grab the MHX Winn Grips and feel another reason to Fish MHX!