3 Great Mag Extra-Fast Rod Blanks

3 Great Mag Extra-Fast Rod Blanks

With the MAG Taper blanks from MHX being such a huge success, they have built on that momentum to bring the extra fast action into that Mag Taper lineup.

Why Fish the MHX Mag Taper XF Series

Although anglers are always talking about extra fast, there is actually a very wide range depending on the rod blank's manufacturers.This is where a deflection board comes into play and eliminates those that don't measure in as extra fast.

Per specifications an Extra Fast blank is meant to flex in the first 1/8th of the blank. To achieve this specific action there were modifications to the original Mag Taper that involve introducing slightly different strains of graphite into the blank near the tip section to maintain durability and speed up the rod action.

Currently there are 8 MAG Extra-Fast Blanks offered in the MHX lineup and each one was built with techniques in mind to allow the angler to fish and work a lure more efficiently. The blanks start at 6’3 and work their way up to 7’2 and offer slightly different lengths than their MAG Taper cousin.

As anglers become more technique specific, their need for very specific lengths grows. For example, when working a hard jerkbait, they are typically 3/8oz-1/2oz and carry very small treble hooks. They need to be thrown efficiently in wind and are fished with the rod tip down.

For most anglers, a 7-foot rod is too long for this as their rod tip is constantly in the water and taking away from their ability to properly fish the lure. With a 6’6” rod the rod is too short to achieve the proper casting distance these hard jerkbaits require to cover water.

Now that we have the premise for why these blanks were designed, lets go over our 3 favorite MAG XF Blank models.

1. Try the MB813XF-MHX

Since we were referring to hard jerkbaits previously, our ideal blank for that is the MHX MB813XF.

This blank is 6’9” and has a rocket fast tip that will throw a Megabass Jerbait a mile, even into the wind. The length works extremely well to keep your rod tip out of the water while working the bait in any weather condition.

With this blank, the fast tip also creates a shock absorber that will help you keep that fish hooked even with the small trebles on hard jerkbaits.

2. Build the MB862XF-MHX

The next MagXF blank we can not live without is the MHX MB862XF. This blank comes in at 7’2” and is a dream whether built as a casting rod or as a spinning rod.

When built as a casting rod it excels with an underspin, shaker head jig, or a light weight single swimbait that many of the smallmouth anglers throw.

When built as a spinning rod this blank really shines with a shaky head, finesse jig or a light crank bait like a shad rap.

3. Reach for the MB864XF-MHX

Although everything so far has been finesse and light line techniques, we do have something for the heavy tackle guys. Anyone that throws a big pencil popper on Kentucky Lake, likes to walk a Spook or skip a frog under a dock will love the MHX MB864XF.

This rod has the mid and butt power to wrestle the big ones out of cover, while still having the tip to ultimately control each and every movement of your topwater bait.

For those who have wanted to try an Extra Fast blank here is a shot at some of the best blanks out there.

When looking to purchase any of the MHX blanks visit our Dealers Page on our FishMHX Website. And as always, if you have any questions or need a recommendation on a blank or parts for your build give us a call!