Top 3 MHX MAG Taper Rod Blanks

Top 3 MHX MAG Taper Rod Blanks

Is there anything more satisfying than having a big largemouth blowup on a frog while you grit your teeth to set the hook with all your might? Enter the Mag Taper series from MHX.

The MHX MAG Taper Rod Blank Series

As the name states, the mag taper blanks are designed for maximum power in the butt and mid-section perfect for fighting fish, yet tapers down to offer a fast and highly sensitive rod tip.

This performance driven blank series is backed by 40 Mag Taper models ranging from 6’6” out to 7’10” and everything in between. Freshwater and light saltwater anglers use this series almost exclusively when targeting bass, sea trout and redfish on artificial lures.

The MB843-MHX Blank

With the most popular series in the MHX line comes the top three blanks in that series and the most popular in the entire MHX lineup. To lead off, the MHX MB843 is far and away the most popular MHX blank and has carried its weight since its inception seven years ago.

The popularity of this blank continues to grow as anglers find different techniques to utilize this blank’s versatility. The freshwater guys throw spinnerbaits, topwater, light worm, and light jig on this blank where the saltwater guys love it for topwater and throwing a jig head with a number of softplasics.

The MB873-MHX Blank

Coming in number two in the popularity contest is the MHX MB873 which could be considered the bigger brother of the 843. It comes in at three inches longer and does have a little bit more fish fighting power in the butt section. Although the ratings are the same between the two the MB873 does handle slightly heavier lures and bigger fish more efficiently.

The freshwater guys use this blank for worming, Carolina rigs, jigs, chatterbaits and rattle traps around submerged grass. The saltwater guys will throw the MB873 for a chatterbait as well as their topwater lures especially if they are casting from a raised platform.

The MB874-MHX Blank

Last but certainly not least in rounding out the top three is the MHX MB874, which is the grass rod for throwing a frog, magnum worms or swimbaits in heavy cover.

This blank, rated up to one ounce, is one of the most versatile heavy cover blanks in the entire line up. The power and progressive action really shows in this blank, once you set the hook you can feel the rod want to uncoil like a loaded spring and help you winch a big fish out of heavy cover.

Add Color to your Build

In addition to the standard slate color in the Mag Taper series, if you are looking to spice things up a little bit, they come in white as well as six of the Mag Taper models come in six metallic colors. MHX chose six popular blank models that are painted with a high-gloss automotive finish with an ultra UV resistant clear coat.

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