Why MHX Saltwater Blanks Use High Pressure Rolling System

Why MHX Saltwater Blanks Use High Pressure Rolling System

Find out more about the High Pressure Rolling (HPR) system that uses 3 to 4 times the conventional rolling pressure of other blank manufacturers to make MHX the ultimate option in performance driven Saltwater Rod Blanks.

The MHX HPR Process is the Answer.

Simply rolling pre-preg, which is a pre-impregnated material that uses a synthetic resin, by itself will not form a consistent or homogeneous carbon tube.

When rolled under too little pressure, a rod blank will have air gaps, voids, and crevasses. These troublesome consequences are especially common at pre-preg overlaps and edges.

This trapped air then reduces the blank’s density and compressive strength, while also increasing segregation within the tube.

Since rolling with too little pressure reduces the performance potential of the rod blank, it’s critical to roll carbon pre-preg under a uniform pressure and heat in order to remove these air pockets, fill all the voids and assure a uniform adhesion.

The High Pressure Rolling (HPR) process increases compressive strength and bond between carbon pre-preg layers and decreases shearing of pre-preg edge voids, excessive entrapped air and segregation.

This results in a rod blank that is more sensitive, has fewer failures and is highly responsive with much faster recovery rates.

See what the enhanced engineering of MHX Saltwater Blanks can catch for you!