Using the Spine of a Fishing Rod Blank

Using the Spine of a Fishing Rod Blank

Locating the spine of a rod blank is simple and fast, not to mention it's also the easiest way to maximize your fishing rod's performance.

So Why Find the Fishing Rod's Spine?

Almost all rod blanks are produced by wrapping graphite and/or fiberglass around a steel mandrel. This process causes a slight deviation in the material which results in softer and stiffer sides to the rod blank, and is commonly referred to as the spine.

Think of a rod spine as if it were your backbone. You only want to bend in one direction, forward, and it is the same with a rod blank.

Instructions For Finding The Rod Spine.

Every rod blank has a spine; some are just more defined than others. Simply use the strongest or most pronounced spine to get the best results. 

Here are 9 simple steps to identify the spine for your rod build:

Step 1:

Wrap masking tape around the middle of the rod blank. This is where you will mark which side of the rod blank the spine is on.

Step 2:

Support the rod near the top with an open palm so that the section of the rod blank is resting at roughly a 30-degree angle.

Step 3:

Using your other hand, apply downward pressure to the rod blank as you roll the blank along a smooth surface.

Step 4:

You will notice that the blank tends to “POP” into a pronounced curve, and is difficult to role the blank out of that curve.

Step 5:

Great Job! You just found the spine of your rod blank.

Step 6:

Now, mark the outside of that curve on the tape with a pen. We will refer to that side as the spine (or spine side).

Step 7:

If you are building a multi-piece rod, repeat this process for all rod sections. Keep in mind the rod always wants to bend in that direction and has the most lifting power.

Step 8:

If you are building a spinning rod, your rod guides will be located on the inside of the curve 180° to the spine.

Step 9:

If you are building a casting rod, your guides will be located on the outside of the curve on the spine.

Get to Building with MHX Rod Blanks!

Finding the spine is not only easy, it's crucial to building the best high-performance fishing rod. Using these instructions, you will increase both the performance of your rod and your satisfaction while fishing it, especially with MHX Rod Blanks.

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