Salmon & Steelhead

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As is the case with all of the MHX series of rod blanks – what truly makes this series of Salmon & Steelhead blanks is the experience level that goes into it’s design.

Not only do the people designing them know what to look for in a Steelhead & Salmon rod, but also know how to utilize the materials available and tapers of the mandrels to achieve the specific actions and powers desired for certain applications.  With models available for virtually every application, we feel that this series will be one of the most comprehensive lineups in the market.

1 product

1 product

SKU Image Length Pcs LineLureActPowTip Butt WtApplicationTech Price
Gloss Black
DR1086 9′0″ X-Heavy X-Glass Downrigger Rod Blank 9'0" 2 15-30 lb. 3/4 - 4 oz. M XH 6.0 0.771" 5.5 oz. 'Down Rigger', 'Side Planer' 9 Million Modulus E-Glass Ultra Resin System $48.75